Please note private memberships are for those who would like to consult with HealthyBiomes as well as have exclusive access to member only benefits, discounts, etc. HealthyBiomes cannot consult with non-members in order to legally protect members and HealthyBiomes.

Choose your private membership option

  • Foundation Plan

    Biome Recovery for Brainfog, Fatigue & Inflammation
    Valid for 4 months
    • Four 30 minute personalized sessions ($500 value)
    • Cellcore Foundation Supplements ($990 value)
    • Private Community Membership Group (Priceless)
    • Includes 15% Discount on Wellevate Dispensary
  • Comprehensive Plan

    Five phases used in sequence to promote wellness and detox.
    Valid for 10 months
    • Ten 30-minute one-on-one visits online ($1250 value)
    • Cellcore Comprehensive Protocol Supplements ($1624 value)
    • Private Community Group (Priceless)
    • Includes 15% Discount on Wellevate Dispensary