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We are to be walking in a healthy biome, full of energy and enjoying the journey of living. Many individuals are struggling as a result of Environmental toxin exposures. Healthy Biomes assesses the environment and structures processes to improve health & productivity for individuals as well as corporations.


Our Story

Environmental Health Consultants

Pamela Holloway, a MS RN Environmental Health Consultant recovered her family from a complex Biotoxin Illness with the assistance of some of the top functional & integrative medicine practitioners in the country.  Soon, she found herself consulting for physicians, home environment specialists and many others who had clients struggling with biotoxin based illnesses.  Overwhelmed with clientele and inspired by physicians and colleagues, HealthyBiomes stood up with a mission to consult self-insured organizations, support individuals recovering from biotoxin related illnesses and train HealthyBiome coaches to rapidly restore healthy biomes one individual and household at a time throughout the country.


Solid Solution Oriented Services

Environmental Support That Makes a Difference

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Individual Consultation

Assess & Restore a Healthy Environment

Environmental toxin exposures can rapidly destroy health and finances along with relationships.  We show you how to rapidly stabilize and improve your situation. You’ll learn how to restore your health and environment while supporting your relationships and eliminate unnecessary financial strain through our three-step process.

Corporate Consultation

Improve Productivity & Reduce Healthcare Costs by 50%

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list to improve productivity and reduce healthcare costs but never recognizing consistent improvement? HealthyBiomes's 20+ years of corporate experience will help guide you to achieve and maintain productivity goals while decreasing overall healthcare costs by 50%. Get in touch today and start impacting your workplace environment.

HealthyBiome Coach Training

Translate Science into Coaching Practice

Learn the tools and techniques to lead others to restore their health and their environment at home and in the workplace.  You will become well-versed at coaching clients through their challenges whenever and wherever they arise.  Contact us to get on the email list for the next HealthyBiome Coach training.


“A healthy biome consists of;

a clean environment, restorative health practices 

and, most importantly, holding every thought captive."

Pamela Holloway, RN, BSN, MS

Founder, HealthyBiomes


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